M. A.
Course Overview

Master of Arts in Journalism & Mass Communication is a postgraduate course. The course includes a comprehensive and innovative study in the wide-ranging field of Mass Media and Journalism. While polishing the skills of students this course takes them up in the ladder of the noble profession of Journalism. It also provides students with training in: various types of video and radio production techniques, writing skills for different media, camera handling, software skills, advertising and public relations tactics.

In other words, M.A. (Mass Communication & Journalism) degree course is the academic study of various means of communication by which individuals and entities convey information to large segments of the population through mass media. It also generally involves teaching and training regarding reporting, writing, editing, photographing, film making etc. Specifically, the degree course includesunderstanding: basics of news, reporting and writing skills, communication research aspects, theoretical knowledge of media concepts and philosophies, digital and new media advancements etc.