University offers a pool of electives in all disciplines. Student is permitted to choose the elective courses of his choice within his own discipline and across the discipline. University also offers flexibility for undergraduate student to register in higher degree courses subjected to restrictive conditions.

At JU University we offer different types of elective courses. An elective course done within the specialization stream of the discipline is known as Specialization elective. An elective course done within the discipline other than specialization streams is known as Discipline elective and courses which are of interdisciplinary nature without having any prerequisites and can be done by any student at any level is known as University elective. To encourage managerial skills in the student and to inculcate entrepreneurship skills in the student university offers a pool of electives in management courses. These courses are known as Management electives.

Student is permitted to chose a set of elective courses (within and across the discipline) both in undergraduate and post graduate programmes.